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Roundup on Sidpicky for the week ending May 12, 2012

Not letting things fall through the cracks

It’s been an extremely busy time at Sidpicky HQ. We have decided to leave beautiful Sydney and move to Singapore. Moving your life from one country to the other is a super complicated affair and we are trying to not let anything slip through the cracks. This week, I posted a photoset on the famous Sydney Fish market, featured the ‘Road Less Travelled’ blog and posted a picture of the majestic Sydney Opera house basking in the autumn sun. In case you missed them here are the links to the posts.

Sydney Fish Market Photoset :

Traveller Blogger Spotlight – Road Less Travelled Blog:

Sydney Opera House hiding behind some leaves :

Resources I discovered last week:

Lowepro Protrekker Camera Bag :  With my first African Safari less than a month away, I am in the market for a sturdy and flexible camera bag that can fit in telephoto lenses and be light enough to fit under the strict baggage restrictions imposed by African airlines. The ProTrekker AW Series seems to tick most of the boxes.

Nikon D800 review: While I am a Canon guy through and through, I do like to keep a friendly eye on the competition and enjoyed reading the excellent review of the Nikon D800 by the folks at It does appear to be class leading in a lot of the specs and builds on the amazing success of the D700. If you are a professional using Nikon gear, you will enjoy reading this post.

Smugmug and SEO: As you can tell my blog is hosted on Smugmug and it is really important to have your account geared up for Search traffic from Google. Here is an excellent post to ensure you are showing up consistently high in search rankings.

Places I yearn to go:

New Zealand’s South Islands: Having lived in Sydney for so many years, I am kicking myself that I haven’t gone down to the South Islands yet. This post from Heels and Wheels fills me with profound regret on what I am missing.

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Have a great weekend! See you next week.

Travel Blogger Spotlight – Road Less Travelled Blog

Road less travelled

For the second post in the travel blogger spotlight series on Friday, I would like to feature a blog I’ve admired for a long time. Presenting: ‘Road Less Travelled Blog’ – Owned by Neerav Bhatt who is also the Editor & Writer, this blog focuses on travel tales and photos from around the world off the beaten track.

Straight out of the website:

Road Less Travelled Blog is entirely independent. The site offers a selection of Travel Tales, Reviews and Photos from places around the world off the beaten track. Articles cover a variety of locations around the World including Africa, Asia / Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America as well as Remote Places & Round the World Trips. 60% of Road Less Travelled Blog readers during 2009-2010 were from outside Australia, over 190 other countries in total (mostly North America, Europe and Asia) so the content has broad international appeal.

My favourite part of this website is the amazing breadth of places covered. From Mynamar to Namibia the blog just takes you to places that you want to immerse yourself in. The travel gear category is something I refer to quite often as well.

Contact Co-ordinates:


Twitter: @neerav

For other subscription options go to

Well, Neerav, if you are reading this, thanks for all the great tips and visual journey through the continents. You give independent travel bloggers a great name.  Cheers!